About us

After years of teaching drug education in schools, I noticed there was a gap in education services for effective, interactive drug education. While many proactive schools offer great programs on connecting with your teen and fostering communication, it can be difficult for teachers to bring a real life perspective to the issues of alcohol and drug use.

By working with paramedics and emergency services who are at the coalface of alcohol and drug harm we have developed programs that deliver up to date, accurate and age appropriate information combined with engaging real life perspectives of drug related harm.  Our programs acknowledge that even though many of our audience will choose not to experiment with alcohol or other drugs, it is likely that they will at some stage be around others that do. A key component of our course is to develop strategies to avoid harm and to react when things go wrong.

Working collaboratively with school communities, Drug Ed Australia can bring a practical approach to existing drug education programs. Our courses give students, parents and community groups the background they need to educate themselves on drug issues and strategies to deal with the risks.

Quite simply we provide the facts without the fear. Drug Ed Australia does not encourage or condone the use or drugs, legal or illicit. All drugs have the potential to cause health issues and other problems. We hold a non‐judgmental view of drug use and view the problem from a health perspective.

Drug Ed Australia was co founded by Health education teacher Sharon Torpey who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. She is passionate about providing teenagers with the skills and knowledge to make positive life choices and to help keep themselves and others safe.

Sharon Torpey is the Founder and Director of Drug Education Australia, a leading provider of high quality, factual drug education. Drug Education Australia delivers education programs to school communities and sporting groups, providing the latest and most accurate information around drug and alcohol use. She is a qualified Health Education Teacher, with 20 years’ experience in connecting with young people and their parents.

Throughout her career, Sharon has taught in both a primary and secondary educational setting, and in the past ten years has also facilitated the “Keys Please” learner driver education program for Vic Roads, which is delivered to year 10 students. In addition to facilitating this program Sharon was selected to work as part of the team that reviewed and updated the “Keys Please” program to ensure it was relevant, engaging and achieving the programs aims and objectives.

Successfully engaging with both parents and students is a key to Sharon’s success and one of the reasons she is so highly sought after. Sharon naturally connects with this age group, which is seen through her ongoing work with Drug Ed Australia, and her work at Vic Roads.

Her passion lies in ensuring individual choices around drugs and alcohol are informed by the latest research, and that the information is delivered in a way that is non-threatening, accessible and age-appropriate.

Sharon recognises that the cohort that Drug Ed Australia seek to reach are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Providing quality education and information around drug and alcohol misuse means that teenagers can move more safely through this challenging and potentially complex period in their life.